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Captain Anthony Kiggins

Operational Coach/Training

Captain Kiggins

Captain Anthony Kiggins provides guidance and leadership for coordinating inter-departmental work processes. His 49 plus years of experience in positions of significant responsibility, both in operational command and staff related assignments provide a keen insight in developing and maintaining a strong team oriented work force.

Professional Qualifications

Executive Partner, Director of Operations and Human Resources

  • Developed and implement corporate goals, objectives, budget and policy in a 62-year-old, forest product wholesale distribution business with annual sales in excess of $10 million.
  •  Oversaw all Human Resource functions and performance evaluation process.  MIS; Integrate technology into routine business operations significantly improving

Business Experience

  • Direct oversight of daily, weekly and long term production effort and equipment requirements under tight fiscal constraints. Director of Manpower, Personnel and Administration
  • Senior level director reporting to the Commanding General on all matters involving Manpower and Personnel for over 500 personnel.
  • Coordinated efforts of six executive level directors in developing strategic goals and objectives to meet National Security requirements.
  • Responsible for direct liaison with, and presentations to, senior U.S. and Foreign Government officials. Senior advisor for future aviation acquisitions.
  • Extensive overseas travel.

Commanding Officer

  •  Direct authority and total responsibility for the planning, training, readiness, safety and worldwide deployment for a 300 personnel, carrier-based tactical jet combat squadron.
  • Full oversight in maintaining and operating twelve jet aircraft valued over $500M in an extremely challenging and hazardous environment. Managed a $6M annual budget.
  • Anthony Kiggins demonstrated innovative leadership in maintaining unit morale and providing timely and professional evaluation and career guidance to all subordinate personnel.
  • Close attention to detail and keen insight resulted in zero aircraft losses or personnel injuries while under his leadership.
  • Extensive overseas operations.

Areas of Expertise

Captain Kiggins provides guidance and leadership for coordinating interdepartmental work processes. His 49-plus years of experience in positions of significant responsibility, both in operational command and staff-related assignments provide a keen insight into developing and maintaining a strong team-oriented workforce. He is a certified Airline Transport Pilot and former Captain at a major airline with over 20,000  hours of domestic and international flight time. He also maintained a Top Secret, Single Scope Background Investigation (TS/SSBI) security clearance.


  • B.S. in Aeronautical Science, Embry Riddle Aeronautical University
  • M.A. in National Security and Strategic Studies, United States Naval War College

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