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What Is a Business Coach?

In sports, coaches lead their teams to victory. They combine their experience and knowledge of the game with their motivational skills to help individuals be better. This makes the whole team better. In business, coaches do the same. A business coach helps business owners, and the teams they lead, succeed.

Business Coach


If you own a business, it’s good to have someone in your corner, especially when that coach is someone who has already overcome the challenges you’re facing right now. If you’re an aspiring entrepreneur, you’re expected to wear many hats throughout the day. You’ll wear each one a lot better with professional business advice.


From sales, marketing, and finance to human resources, technology, business systems, and planning—managing it all can be overwhelming. That’s when a business coach can help by providing prescriptive solutions to the problems you’re struggling with.


A business coach helps set goals and achieve them. They work with businesses to develop systems and strategies for success.

Types of Business Coaching

There are two types of business coaching available to business owners and entrepreneurs: One-on-one and group coaching. Which one you need depends on your goals.


One-on-one coaching is just that. It’s an individual mentoring situation where you meet and consult with your coach either in person on online. Group coaching is when the consultant meets and interacts with the entire team.


Regardless of the type of coaching you engage in, the goals are similar: to chart a path for success and to help you get there.

What Business Coaches Do

Your business coach is your partner. They succeed when you do. How do they help your business grow and thrive? Here are three things you’ll work on with your coach:

1. Chart Your Path To Success


A business coach asks questions to gauge where you are right now with your business. Using your answers, the coach creates prescriptive solutions to solve existing problems. The coach identifies gaps in your business plan that are preventing you from moving forward. This unobjective, outside perspective helps businesses recognize weak areas and provides solutions for strengthening them.

2. Help you clarify your Core Values, Mission and Vision


One early stumbling block for new business owners is defining what they want to be as a business. That means writing out their core values, mission, and vision statements. A business coach helps with that process. Once these things are defined, the path forward becomes more clear. Success becomes obtainable.

3. Provide accountability


Accountability is an important element of success. With clearly defined goals in place, business coaches help leaders set benchmarks and surpass them. When clients are accountable to their coaches, they are inspired to overcome obstacles and meet goals

Business Health Matters

Our team of experts helps CEO, entrepreneurs, and team leaders excel in their fields. We work with clients to create prescriptive solutions for what is ailing their business. We’re a trusted partner that helps our clients succeed through better business health.

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Various studies have shown investing in executive coaching is worth it and does pay off in positive gains.

• A 529% ROI * was reported and numerous intangible benefits to the business after studying executive coaching in a Fortune 500 firm.

• Companies receive an average return of $7.90 for every $1 devoted to executive coaching *

• Executive coaching provides an average ROI of nearly 6 times ** the coaching cost

• Coaching combined with training boosts productivity by an average of 86% compared to 22% with training alone (Personnel Management Association report).

• A study on executive coaching’s effect revealed an average ROI of 5.7 times ** the initial investment or a return of over $100,000.

*MetrixGlobal LLC
** Manchester Inc.


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