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Unlock your leaders' greatest potential by helping them discover their strengths and weaknesses with a 360 Assessment.

Through Business Health Matters – Executive Coaching Develop Your Leaders with TruScore 360 Degree Feedback Assessments.

360 feedback enables leaders at every level of your organization to drive employee development and monitor progress. Business Health Matters and TruScore’s 360 feedback assessments can be fine-tuned to measure the performance that matters to you.

• Leverage our ready-to-go 360 feedback assessments or build your own
• Empower your leaders to have goal-oriented conversations with easy to understand, consumable feedback
• Protect your raters’ privacy with built-in confidentiality features
• Simple scheduling of invitations & reminders
• Flexible report delivery options

Feedback Assessments
Feedback Assessments

For 50 years, the robust 360 feedback solutions have helped medium to large organizations develop talent with ease and peace of mind.

Dashboards make your 360 reporting easy to understand.

• Review data and drill down to individual score details
• Turn rater groups on and off to compare specific sets of data
• Toggle between Raw and Centile scores
• Sort data to identify organizational gaps and create development plans
• Easily spot YOY development trends by comparing current 360 assessment scores with previous scores
• Aggregate roll-ups of scores and ranks
• Share executive summary reports to supervisors

Leverage our expertly designed, ready-to-use 360 assessments with no hassle administration.

Ready to have a professionally designed 360 assessment at your fingertips?  Our ready-to-use 360 degree assessments are reliable, provide valid feedback, and save you time.  Our dedicated Assessment Advisors can take care of the heavy lifting, administering your surveys and managing your project from start to finish so you can focus on your people.

Feedback Assessments
360 Assessments

Technical Professional

• Clarity of Goals
• Innovativeness
• Work Planning
• Problem Solving
• Technical & Functional Expertise
• Teamwork
• Consensus & Negotiation
• Using Feedback
• Personal Drive
• Coping With Stress & Ambiguity
• Pressure on Others
• Acknowledging Others’ Efforts
• Personal Values
• Effectiveness

Aspiring to Leadership

• Commitment to Goals
• Assertiveness
• Problem Solving & Resourcefulness
• Teamwork
• Working with Diversity
• Openness to Feedback
• Attention to Detail
• Push/Pressure
• Acknowledging Others’ Efforts
• Approachability
• Dependability
• Effectiveness
• Leadership Promise

About Truescore®

A deep-rooted history of 360 excellence

50 years of experience and counting

The Booth Company (now TruScore®), began his consulting practice in 1972. Initially, he conducted communication skills workshops for educators and managers, using Dr. Thomas Gordon’s leadership model and Dr. Ronald Lippett’s consultation model. In 1976, while consulting for IBM’s Boulder Labs, he was introduced to their worldwide “360 feedback” morale management program.

Thoroughly impressed with the wholesomeness and power of the program, Dr. Booth was prompted to begin designing and conducting his own survey/feedback programs for regional clients, such as Coors, Denver Water Board and PSCO. These successful projects led to national clients such as Roche Labs and Hewlett Packard.

Dr. Booth’s academic degrees include a doctorate from the University of Colorado at Boulder (1974), an M.A. from the University of Illinois at Urbana (1966), and a B.A. from Roosevelt University at Chicago (1962). Publications include a technical paper with Clark Wilson and others in Impact of Leadership, A Facilitator’s Manual for Clark Wilson’s Survey of Management Practices, and “Mastering Managerial Skills,” a one-day course for corporate universities.

True Score

TrueScore TruScore thumbnail description of the different 360 Assessments available:


Senior Leaders

• ELS (Executive Leadership Survey) – Our most comprehensive executive assessment for VPs, SVPs, CEOs, also includes EQ dimensions (emotional intelligence – awareness of self & others).

• LEQ (Leadership EQ) – Designed for senior leaders are frequently tasked to be Change Agents, focused more on being innovative and leading high level, sharpening communication skills, and less on managing a direct team. Often these Participants have no direct reports or very few. Important EQ dimensions are also included.



• AMP (Advanced Mgt Practices) – For senior managers & directors, sometimes VPs, that are still doing hands-on managing (including cross-team mgt), mixed in with a strong focus on strategic planning & thought leadership.

• MEQ (Management EQ) – Similar to the AMP survey, designed for Directors, Senior Managers, and some junior VPs, but it also includes EQ dimensions (emotional intelligence).

• LCM (Leadership Competencies for Mgrs) – Versatile middle manager assessment for managers of managers, and often used as a storefront-line or HiPo front-line managers

• SMP (Survey of Mgt Practices)  -front-line or junior front-line managers, managers of ICs, with all of the fundamental skills needed for managing a team.


Individual Contributors

• TPS (Technical Professional Survey) – Designed for individual contributors that are often being relied on because of their expertise in the client’s industry and put into informal team & project leader roles.

• ATL (Aspiring to Leadership) – General IC survey for helping ICs become more effective in their current roles, but also preparing for the next level.

• SCR (Survey of Client Relations) – IC survey for account managers and salespeople that interface frequently with customers.

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