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How Healthy is Your Business?

When you’re sick or in question, you see a doctor. When your doctor examines you, they ask you questions and make assessments based on your answers. They use this assessment to make a diagnosis and treatment plan.

When your business health is suffering or in question. Who should you go to for help? A professional business coach.

At Business Health Matters, our business coaches help clients find the root cause of their business health issues and provide prescriptive solutions to the specific business ailment based on a thorough Business Health Diagnosis.

We use the same prescriptive solutions approach that doctors use. We ask questions to gain a better understanding of you and your business. We use our assessments to create a treatment plan to improve the health of your business.

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7 Areas Business of Health

Our Business Health Matters assessments identify what’s working with your business and what’s not by focusing on the following seven areas of business health:

1. Finance

The financial health of your business is critical to your overall business health. You may think you’ve stretched your budget to the breaking point, but a business coach can show you how to streamline your costs and trim your bottom line.

2. Adaptability

Business leaders must always expect the unexpected. We hope for the best and plan for the worst. When unforeseen events disrupt operations and knock your business off course, you need a coach to guide you back. Adapting to the many challenges that confront your business requires adaptability which can be gained from effective business coaching.

3. Staff/ Team

Your staff is the heart of the company. You need a team you can rely upon through thick and thin. Attracting and retaining top talent is a skill unto itself. A business coach helps you learn what to look for when hiring and what’s needed from your team to help the business grow.

Business Health Diagnosis
4. Sales & Marketing

With so many platforms, channels, and technology available to spread the word, marketing has become more accessible than ever. However, it’s hard to know what works best in today’s digital environment. We help our clients navigate obstacles, boost their brand awareness, convert customers, and increase profits.

Business Health Diagnosis
5. Operations

From order fulfillment and payroll to quality assurance and inventory management, we help clients create and manage the business systems they need to keep their company running day to day, and to help it scale too.

Business Health Diagnosis
6. Customer Service

Great customer service helps companies stand out in a crowded field. If you’re not creating a customer service-centric company, you're failing your customers and your business. We help clients put the focus on customer value and keep it there.

Business Health Diagnosis
7. Time Management

Time is money, we all know this is true, but sometimes our time management skills are lacking. We advise our clients on best practices for managing time as well as money.

Business Health Diagnosis
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There are many benefits to business coaching. Coaching helps entrepreneurs sharpen existing skills and learn new ones. It helps them build better relationships and improve their brand as well.

Here are a few of the benefits that come with better business health:

The Benefits of Better Business Health

Technology changes constantly. Staying on top of new changes in your industry helps you build the skills needed for success.

Find Financial Freedom

With success comes financial stability and with stability comes freedom. This success allows you to grow the business further as well as attract and retain top talent.

Develop Partnerships

Strategic partners help businesses be better. With the forming of mutually beneficial relationships, businesses thrive and flourish with more products on offer and extended market reach.

Improved Branding and Marketing

Getting the message out about your products and services requires perseverance and a smart marketing plan. Brand and marketing analysis helps companies create effective marketing plans.

Consult with a Business Coach

All of the above benefits are possible when you consult with a business coach. Take advantage of our Business Health Diagnosis and all that Building Health Matters has to offer.

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