Coach Prime: A Marketing Genius Building a Brand

Coach Prime

Last Saturday, I joined 9.3 million viewers who were on the edge of our seats as we witnessed the Buffaloes’ thrilling come-from-behind victory over Colorado State in double overtime. It was indeed an incredible experience!

Coach Prime, also known as Prime Time, is an exceptional coach and a marketing genius. He understands that the #1 asset in today’s world is attention. If he can capture your attention, he wins.

The fact that 9.3 million viewers stayed up until 2:30 a.m. EST to watch the Colorado vs. Colorado State game speaks volumes. This game attracted the most viewers in the history of ESPN for a regular-season college football game. It even overshadowed the highly anticipated Tennessee vs. Florida game.

Not only were fans and sports enthusiasts watching, but recruits, large brands, agencies, universities, and professional sports organizations were also captivated by Coach Prime’s strategy. Even those who don’t typically keep up with college football couldn’t resist staying up to watch the game. It’s awe-inspiring how Coach Prime can capture attention.

Of course, it helps that he is Coach Prime, with his reputation and experience. He is regarded as one of the greatest athletes ever, ranking just behind Bo. Coach Prime also has valuable celebrity connections. These factors play a significant role in building his brand and leveraging his influence.

However, what sets Coach Prime apart is how he captures attention in the college sports scene. He not only focuses on building his own brand but also directs attention to his athletes, making them the heroes of the story. He acts as the guide, leading his team to success while allowing them to shine.

This is why Coach Prime’s story is so captivating. It teaches us the importance of capturing and redirecting attention towards others. By studying his approach, we can learn valuable lessons about building our brands and leveraging our influence.

Coach Prime is truly a remarkable individual, both as a coach and marketing genius. His ability to capture attention and empower his athletes is inspiring, and it’s no wonder this story has caught the attention of so many.  I’m a believer.

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