Morris Grand

morris grand

“From rubbing shoulders with astronauts to achieving basketball glory, Alan’s journey in the business world is truly remarkable. Starting off as a young entrepreneur selling TANG to none other than Neil Armstrong, he has woven his experiences and valuable lessons as a championship-winning basketball coach into his book, The Playbook for a Healthy Business. This book is a treasure trove of examples, serving as a wake-up call for all business owners. Alan shines a light on the alarming mortality rate of start-ups, offering insights and strategies to ensure the health of businesses. The impact of his wisdom is undeniable – had someone invested $10,000 in Alan’s original start-up, it would have grown to a staggering $2.5M today, matching the rapid growth of industry giants like UBER and TESLA. Alan’s business acumen is truly awe-inspiring. Every aspiring entrepreneur, business owner, and sales team should read The Playbook for a Healthy Business to follow in his footsteps.”